You Don’t Have to Advocate for the Devil

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Recently I’ve found myself in more and more quarrels with a certain type of political mind. A political mind that doesn’t necessarily have a specific ideology. A mind that doesn’t spend that much time discussing the actual effects of government policies. A mind that you may come to realize aligns with yours on ten out of ten policy positions — after an hour of heated political disagreement. A mind whose primary political identity can be summed up as Anti-Anti-Trump: opposed to those who oppose Trump.

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Let Me Vent: New Track “Liars”


The current state of politics in this country has been a big driver in my renewed interest and motivation in making music. A few weeks ago I made this song to vent. It’s not going to be on my new project “Simple Poison”, it’s not going to be a single, so after today’s shameful health care vote I feel like just releasing it now so we can be angry together. Here is “Liars”